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Since 2006, serving the global legal and business community with the highest quality professional services available worldwide.

WCA Group has over 23 years worth of experience in the provision of legalisations and other legal services for clients worldwide. We take pride in bringing local knowledge of laws and our expertise to assist your business globally.

Business Formation Solutions

Rely upon the expertise of WCA for your business formation needs, available in jurisdictions around the globe.

SPV Solutions

Use WCA to form and maintain your Special Purpose Vehicle (“SPV”) or Special Purpose Entity (“SPE”)available in jurisdictions around the globe.

Compliance, Intellectual Property, and Global Process Agent Solutions

WCA provides a full suite of Compliance and IP solutions, and can serve as an Agent for Process in jurisdictions around the globe.

Legalisations, Document Authentication and Due Diligence Solutions

The experts at WCA can assist with all your document and due diligence needs in jurisdictions around the globe.