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WCA can provide State registry reports and provide certified and plain copies of documents filed in relation to any U.S. registered entity in any of the 50 U.S. States and in U.S. Territory jurisdictions.

Certificate of Good Standing

WCA is able to provide Certificates of Good Standing on any U.S. registered entity (so long as they are in good standing) whether located in mainland U.S. or in any of its territories. This service can be provided both on a standard or expedited delivery.

Credit and Status Reports

With our vast access to business information databases, we are able to provide credit reports on any U.S. entity. The reports will detail registration details, Officers, payment history, suits/liens and credit score.

Certified Copies

With WCA's impressive coverage of the U.S. market, we are able to provide certified copies of filed documents in all U.S. States and Territories on either a standard or expedited delivery speed.


The Uniform Commercial Code is a comprehensive set of laws governing commercial transactions between U.S. States and Territories. These transactions include borrowing money, leases, contracts, and the sale of goods. The UCC is then adopted by State governments. All 50 States and Territories have enacted some version of the UCC.

The most important UCC regulation affecting small businesses is the UCC-1 form, also known as a Financial Statement. When a lender secures interest on a borrower's personal property used as collateral, the lender files form UCC-1 with the State?s Secretary of State Office.

"Personal property" means moveable property used in operating a business, such as equipment, furniture, and inventory. The UCC-1 form serves as a public notice of a lender?s interest in the assets of a business. All information on a UCC-1 form is public information. Once a loan is paid off, the borrower is expected to ask the lender to terminate the UCC-1 filing. Lenders will not proactively terminate these filings.

WCA is able to file continuations and retrieve both plain a certified copies of UCC filings.

WCA can assist with the filing/retrieval in any USA State.

Court Searches

A search on a debtor to ascertain matching records at both state and federal level. The turnaround time varies according to the State in which it is undertaken.