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Compliance Services USA:

WCA provides a full range of USA compliance services designed to assist you in all aspects of forming and maintaining the regulatory status of your business. WCA has an experienced staff expert in all compliance matters.

Corporate Secretarial Services

WCA can provide the following services:

Agent for Process Services:

Use of an Agent for Process is a time tested and invaluable tool to help secure process and jurisdiction over critical assets and customers. WCA services include:

Securities Compliance Services:

WCA can assist you in all aspect of filing the appropriate documents for Securities Transactions such as Debt Offerings, Reg. S, Rule 144, and Private Placements with both the federal and state level securities Agencies with an emphasis upon Private Fund Compliance.

For complete assistance with your securities needs, WCA can provide:

Entity Staffing Services:

WCA provides a full range of company staffing services for SPV/SPE entities including:

Export Documents:

Our services include E.C and Arab Certificates of Origin, EUR/ATR-1 documents. We can provide full certification services both manually and electronically.

Documentary Letters of Credit:

We can provide checking and completion of Documentary Letter of Credit paperwork and our experienced staff ensure accelerated payment collections and the eradication of bank discrepancy fees.

Passports & Visas:

We offer a fully comprehensive Passport & Visa service for both the business and leisure traveler.