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UK Information

Registry Searches

Copy Documents Search

WCA can provide plain copies of any document held on file at the Companies Registry in relation to a UK registered entity.

Registered Office Search

This report will provide details of the registration details of a UK entity including its current official registered office and current status.

Directors Search

This report will detail current directors of a UK entity.

Shareholders Search

This report will detail current shareholders of a UK entity.

Directorship Search

This search allows us to search an individual’s name to ascertain their current and previous directorships.

Certificate of Good Standing/Certified Copies of Company Documents

Certificate of Good Standing is a certificate issued by the Companies Registry in relation to a UK registered entity stating the current status of the entity, when it was registered and all previous names. Additional details can also be supplied (on request) on the certificate: Registered Office, Secretary, Directors, the main objects and shareholders.

Certified copy is a duplicate of a document that shows the original signature and is also signed by an official at the UK company registry – Companies House, to verify that it is a true and genuine copy of the original document. We can also supply duplicate copies of the Certificate of Incorporation in relation to any UK registered entity.

WCA can obtain certified copies of any documents kept on file at Companies Registry on either a standard (7-10 working days) or express (within 24 hours) service as requested.

Credit and Status Searches

In the UK the Companies Registry holds all the filed data on the formation and location of the company, its directors/shareholders and share capital, annual reports and financial data.

WCA can provide credit/status reports, which provide details of the shareholders, registered office, financial data, credit status and risk report, judgments, principal bankers, offices and mortgages/charges.

Additionally we can provide a Stakeholder Report which lists details of directors, directorships and/or shareholdings, plus company status, turnover, net worth and activity, when available. These reports are of great help when making due diligence enquiries into an individual or business for money laundering compliance or credit decisions.

The reports can be produced within 4 hours.

For more details contact WCA.


A charge (or mortgage) is the security a company gives for a loan. The registration need not be by the company itself. In most cases, registration is by the lender or the lender’s agent. To register a charge, the details of the charge together with the original document creating or evidencing the charge, must be delivered to Companies House within the specified time limit.

A search that provides mortgage/charges details relating to a specific address or a company is known as a Conveyancing search. It provides details of all fixed and floating charges and any documents filed in relation to striking-off or liquidation/receivership/administration. We can also provide both plain and certified copies of mortgage documents filed if required.

WCA can undertake this search for you.

Special Searches

Local Authority Search

A Local Authority search will normally be undertaken at the offices of the local council where the property is situated.

The Local Authority search will determine whether there are any planning proposals for the area around the address, such as new roads, building developments, alternative uses for the land and possible planning restrictions.

WCA can undertake searches at any of the local authorities in the UK.

Land Registry Searches

A Land Registry search will determine the Title plan and Register and Title number for a property, where available.

The search can also determine, where available, the price last paid for the property and the registered owners, any rights of way or restrictions on the land, copies of official documents and a copy of the charges register.

Contact WCA for further details and prices.

Chancel Repair

If a property is near a church, in England or Wales, or on land formerly owned by some universities there may be an obligation to contribute towards the cost of repairing the local church. This is very prevalent in small towns and villages located throughout the UK.

With the details of the property WCA can determine any possible liability under chancel.