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Registry Searches Worldwide

Corporate registry searches provide inquirers with basic information on a particular company or business entity. Searches produce details of a company's shareholders, directors, verification of status and any available financial information. Both current and historical searches can be requested. Current searches provide factual evidence as of present day status. Historical searches can be used to request information on active companies from a previous date as well as business entities that are no longer active. The format of document results will vary depending on the lifespan of the entity. For example, older companies may have most of their information in PDF format, while companies founded in the 2000s will utilize different computer software for filing. WCA fulfills search requests for all types of business entities including corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships.

Benefits of Registry Searches

Registry searches can provide you with invaluable information on a company's history and legal status. They allow you to gain insight on the fundamental details of competitors in the industry and to stay informed, giving your business the potential advantage. You may use the available knowledge to compare growth and economic patterns. The information may also be useful to verify certification status for legal purposes or potential partnerships.

How to Request a Registry Search

WCA is able to fulfill requests for corporate registry searches all over the world. In order to accurately provide this service, we ask that our clients provide the name of the company in inquiry and the city and country in which it is currently located. Our reports are derived from the appropriate local registry in the company's jurisdiction.

Why Choose WCA for Registry Searches?

WCA boasts expert document retrieval services with over twenty-three years of experience providing excellent care to our clients. Registry searches can become complicated and time consuming. It is important to ensure the quality of each search in order to receive accurate information. With our vast network of international professionals we can ensure safe and efficient delivery of requests in most jurisdictions within 24 hours.