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International Services - Information

International Information

Certificates of Good Standing Worldwide

With our vast network, WCA is able to provide Certificates of Goodstanding (or its equivalent) in relation to any company worldwide.

Credit and Status Searches Worldwide

WCA provides credit reports which are carried out in the local jurisdiction, thus providing an accurate and up to date report at all times. Our delivery speeds vary, however all our reports can be completed within 5 working days.

Certified Copies Worldwide

We can provide plain and/or certified copies of documents filed in relation to any company in most jurisdictions worldwide.

Secured Transactions

There is no Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) outside of the US and Canada, except New Zealand who has adopted a form of UCC where details are filed in their Personal Property Securities Register. Many common law countries will have a centralised register of property secured transactions. In these countries the liens are normally referred to as charges or mortgages, and a register of charges will exist at the central registry. The registers are for commercial entities not for individuals.

However in some countries particularly offshore, companies can elect not to have charges filed against them making any search of status suspect. Most civil law countries do not have a central index for recording personal property financing statements, but will have register of charges and mortgages.