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International Services - Formations

International Formations

Limited Liability Companies and Branch Registration Worldwide

Most countries have the same range of organisations; sole trader, partnerships, private limited companies and public limited companies. The option of a public limited company organisation however is a major difference between Europe and USA. It is a company limited by shares and is generally listed on the Stock Exchange or the Alternative Investment Market.

Many companies that do business overseas consider either setting up a branch of an existing company or registering a separate overseas company to carry out business locally and be closer to their customers. Other reasons for moving overseas include lower production costs and/or a more favourable business climate. Whatever the reason for setting up a company abroad WCA can help.

We can form companies in any country in the world.

Countries that are currently popular for formations overseas are:

Most jurisdictions will require a registered office or a registered agent in the country. WCA can provide these requirements.

Offshore Companies

People wish to form an offshore company for the following reasons:

The countries in which offshore companies are normally formed are:

In addition, many entrepreneurs are forming offshore companies to facilitate trading within mainland China. WCA can incorporate in these and other jurisdictions.

European Company

Since 8 October 2001 the European Council has given companies the option of forming a European Company ('Societas Europeae' (SE)), which means that the company can operate throughout the EU on the basis of a single set of rules and a unified management and reporting system. The SE allows economic entities to act as a single company operating via establishments in Member States and no longer through a multitude of branches subject to a multitude of national laws. Not only does it significantly reduce administrative and legal costs from setting up a complex network of subsidiaries but also allows companies to restructure fast and easily to take the best possible advantage of trading opportunities.

The European Company can be formed principally in one of the following four ways:

WCA can assist you in forming SE Companies as well as national companies throughout Europe including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Gibraltar, Malta, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland and many others. So, whether you are looking to set up a Limited Company or Public Limited Company (PLC) please contact us for more detail and prices.